by athletes,
for athletes.

ImpACTIVE was founded by current and former athletes who share a passion for sport and a fiery competitive spirit. After struggling with injuries, they saw and seized an opportunity to give back to the athletic community that has given them so much.

Our founders

Our Founders

Brett Ayers

Co-Founder & CEO

Brett is an investment professional who saw an opportunity in a growing market. A former hockey player at the highest levels of his age group, Brett was forced to retire due to injuries. This allowed Brett to explore the benefits of CBD first hand and become an early adopter. 

He is determined to help athletes become more aware of what is going into and onto their bodies.


Kevin Tansey

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer

Kevin is a current professional hockey player who has played all over the world. After extensive injuries forced him to look for alternative recovery methods, Kevin found CBD. 

He is a firm believer in the product as a natural alternative to the traditional pharmaceutical options recommended to professional athletes. After witnessing the impact CBD had on his career, Kevin made it his mission to help other athletes improve their recovery. 


Impactive is a proudly Canadian company that echoes the values that helped build our nation, our communities, and our Canadian athletes. We are proud supporters of:

  • Canadian Sport Institute: Mental Health for High Performance Sport
  • CCMHS: Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport
  • Coaching Association of Canada
  • Silence is Violence, a program led by our Ambassador Mark Fraser (in collaboration with The Players Tribune)

Our Community



We are committed to reducing our footprint whenever and wherever possible. That’s why we:

  • Use hemp that is 100% grown in nutrient-rich soil in British Columbia
  • Leverage innovative water-saving practices
  • Reduce our environmental footprint by using hemp plants that grow naturally, rapidly, and in higher density
  • Avoid herbicide and pesticide use
  • Use recyclable packaging

Partner with us

We are always looking for partners who share our core values. Together, we can help athletes recover more effectively and improve their quality of life after sport.