Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD

The CBD Debate: Isolate vs. Full Spectrum? When it comes to pain relief, which is more effective: Isolate CBD or Full Spectrum CBD? The Answer: Full Spectrum CBD. Here’s why: CBD Sticks Together CBD is a member of the cannabinoid family, a group of roughly 100 plant compounds. Science has evolved to pinpoint CBD in […]

Is CBD allowed in my Sport?

As athletes, we put a lot of stress on our bodies. This stress forces our muscles to grow, adapt, and perform at a high level. But our bodies aren’t invincible, and this stress cycle can eventually lead to injury. Over the course of a professional career, these injuries can also evolve into chronic pain that […]

CBD and Your Body

As athletes, we’re always very particular about what goes into our body. We take nutrition seriously because we know how it can affect performance. We’ve done the research, seen the results, and understand our bodies better than most. At ImpACTIVE, we believe you should be just as informed about CBD. In this article, I dive […]

CBD: The Benefits

We’re in the midst of an opioid addiction epidemic, and given the landscape you’re rightfully curious about CBD. You’ve likely heard lots about it, but before you decide if it’s worth trying, it’s good to know how CBD can actually benefit you as an athlete. In this article, I break down the major benefits that […]